awkward & awesome


Restaurant booths.  It's kind of amazing that I haven't yet flipped over an entire table with the bump - although I have come close.  

My no-caffeine sentencing.  Pregnant women are allowed to have up to 200mg (about 1.5 cups of coffee) per day, but apparently baby girl is sensitive to any amount at all.  At my last appointment I was instructed to cut it out completely after a few hours of panic-inducing heart testing, and she's totally fine.  It was all the tiny bit of caffeine in my morning iced coffee, so goodbye to that.  Cue my tears.  

Yelling at Darrell for no reason after said panic-inducing doctor's appointment, only to realize that I was just mad at myself for not calling him and asking him to come sit with me during all the scary testing.  Darrell has become quite the master at dealing with my meltdowns (which I realize are ridiculous approximately 30 minutes after they end).  Also, pregnancy is an exercise in learning how to ask for help and go easy on yourself - seriously a challenge for someone as generally type A as me.  

Getting dressed!  I'll admit it - at this point, it would literally just be easier to be naked all the time, but that doesn't really work well for, um, life.  

The amount of time I'm willing to put off washing the pillowcase to my pregnancy pillow.  I know that sounds just plain gross, but seriously look at this thing!  Getting the case back on involves 30 minutes of awkward fighting with it.  

My cravings for any and allllllll the summery food.  I would like corn on the cob, watermelon, and tomato-mayo sandwiches like RIGHT NOW please.  The problem is that when I try to eat it despite that fact that we are just not quittttttte there yet, seasonally and all, I feel a little guilty feeding Darrell the rather sad frozen corn & very "meh" tomato chopped salad I made for lunch.  Patience is not one of my virtues.  


Easter Sunday!  We had such a great day, and the most perfect weather.  Darrell has a ton of younger cousins, so they have a pretty epic and adorable egg hunt.  Also funny?  How little they cared about the chocolate, and how much they all wanted to just find the eggs with dollar bills.  Somebody taught those kids that money = more & better chocolate.  

I'm getting a 4D ultrasound today - not something I was sure I would ever do, but it was set up for us by Darrell's mom and I have to admit I'm a little excited about it.  I'm skeptical of how much those images actually show what a baby will look like, but it'll be fun to see them nevertheless!  

Avocado toast + poached eggs.  I finally seem to have regained an interest in healthy food (yay for that, I was sure baby girl was mostly constructed of Lucky Charms up until now) and this is at the top of my list.  The bonus is that it makes a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  

It is warm enough for shorts!  Remember that thing I said about clothes just being awful in general?  Well shorts are tolerable, so it's probably all I'm going to wear for the next 8 weeks, pregnancy thighs be damned.  


claire's nursery

I'm so thrilled to be sharing these photos of Claire's finished nursery today!  We've been working on her nursery since about February, and we had to wait for a few pieces of furniture to arrive to be able to make the final touches.  I had a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and other blogs, but I think the thing that makes me happiest is that I was able to pull together my favorite elements from those sources and make something truly our own.  We love the bright light this room gets, and sometimes now I just want to go hang out in there.  If you have any questions about sources not listed here feel free to ask/comment!  

Claire's crib is from Pottery Barn, and we loved that it was simple and versatile enough to use again for a second someday baby, even if it were to be a boy.  The decal came from Etsy, and my friend Jess made the tissue paper garland for my shower, and I stole it afterwards!  The little print above the door (difficult to see) is a drawing of the St. Louis Arch.  

This print is from Etsy, and I stole the gorgeous frame from work.  The chevron baby blanket was a shower gift.  

We didn't want to get a changing table per say, but we did decide to use this buffet table from Hobby Lobby to corral all the essentials.  Our chair is from Pottery Barn, and the pouf ottoman & side table are both from Target.  

We wanted to do a graphic detail on one wall, and when a co-worker of mine found these gold polka dot decals on Groopdealz one day, I just went for it!  We love them, and it was beyond easy to do.  I also loved the idea of displaying some of Claire's prettiest dresses as decor, so I picked up some hooks from Hobby Lobby.  The shelf was handmade by family as a wedding gift, and I painted it to coordinate with the room.  The lamp and mirror are from Target.  

One of my favorite items in the room is the balloon painting, which we bought on our honeymoon in Florence.  The rest are prints from Etsy that I framed at work.  

These Rifle Paper Co. prints were something I knew I wanted to incorporate into the room, as they provided a lot of my decorating inspiration.  The banner is also from Rifle Paper Co!  

Just a longer shot of the polka dot wall.  I have to share a closet with Claire, so I got a dressing bench to sit next to the window.  The curtains on the closet are a gold polka dot, and it's hard to see how metallic they are in photos!  Darrell wanted to keep his guitar in Claire's room for singing lullabies (and that is just so cute, how could I resist?) 

Just another little view of this table - the gold tray was a steal from Home Goods for only $15, and I saw the idea for storing pacifiers in a hurricane lantern on Pinterest.  I'm also hoping to keep fresh flowers in here all the time - they really thrive with the sunlight and I think they add so much to the room!  

This is my storage system for most of Claire's clothing.  Like I said, we share the closet (many of her dresses I obviously don't want to fold) so I'm keeping onesies, leggings, sweaters, and her shoes & plush toys in this little storage system from Target.  Even the ceramic labels are from Target, and I think they are a genius product!  Dry erase and they make it so much easier - especially for visiting family that may be grabbing something for me.  

That's it!  I hope you liked the little nursery tour - we're fairly thrilled with it and I was so happy to finally be able to share it.  


friday link love

Easter weekend is finally here!  I'm very lucky to have Good Friday off as a way to kickstart my weekend, and although I'll be spending most of it touring potential daycare centers I also plan to squeeze in a trip to the flower market to brighten up my porch.  Other than Easter Sunday, we have no plans which is basically heaven at this point.  I've been really making an effort to wind down our schedule as of late.  Okay, here are my favorite things from this week!  

I found this list to be SO true.  I think midwest is perhaps the most stereotyped region in the US (i.e., Marshall from How I Met Your Mother.)

Photoshop can be such an amazing tool.  This artist created a surreal image of what it would look like if Venice's Grand Canal froze over.

This made me laugh hysterically.

I'm a total sucker for nerdy apps like this.  Jigsaw puzzles on my iPhone?  Sign me up.

This video is totally fun to watch - the A to Z of dance.

These Target sandals are on sale for only $17!  I have a pair, and they are awesome.  I might need to pick up the chambray as well.

There is a HUGE Game of Thrones spoiler in here, but if you're really curious about who committed the big murder on Sunday night's episode, this is a pretty compelling argument!


maternity style 18 & baby shower #3!

wearing: laundry by shelli segal dress, old & not maternity, michael kors wedges, kate spade earrings & stripe bracelet, monogram area necklace, and banana republic bracelet

also, can we just take a moment to recognize how pretty my friends are?  

Claire will certainly be the most well-outfitted (and best dress) baby that every was, and I am so grateful to all the friends and family who have celebrated her before she's even here!  My last baby shower was on this past weekend, hosted by my friend Jess at her gorgeous loft apartment.  We had brunch and lots of baby talk, and it was just about the best way I could imagine to spend a rainy Sunday.  I was so in love with the tissue garland that Jess made for the gift table that I snatched it, and it now hangs above Claire's crib.  


awkward and awesome tuesday

wearing: dress - maurices, not maternity and realllllly old.  sandals - jack rogers.  necklace - jcrew.  


Baby girl has figured out how to wedge herself up into my ribs.  I'm stopped in my tracks multiple times a day just to "readjust" myself in a way that doesn't cause serious pain somewhere in my midsection.  

I could wax poetic about how much I love having a step-and-open trash can (yes, these are the things that excite me now) but this morning my lack of coordination got the best of me with it.  I hit the foot opener, went to toss the leftover coffee grinds in the bin, and let go jusssssst early enough to have the lid catapult coffee grounds ALL over the kitchen floor.  Thankfully, there were no witnesses to the temper tantrum I threw.  

This week's adventures in "baby brain" led to me pouring my cereal directly into the cup of coffee I had just gotten to the perfect cream/stevia ratio.  

Pregnancy crying has officially begun.  Had a good (happy!) session while driving home from work last Wednesday just because a country song reminded me of Darrell....because that's normal.  


Our FULLY FINISHED nursery!  Of course there are two or three things still to be done, but it's essentially complete and I'm so thrilled with it.  

A bookshelf absolutely stacked with what I'm sure is every children's book currently available for purchase.  At my shower last week, guests were asked to bring books with notes for the baby instead of cards (so sweet!) and people were so generous with the books.  Many brought 2 or 3 along with their gift, and I nearly filled a tall bookshelf with everything from "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" to "The Giving Tree."  Reading is one of my few really young memories, and I'm so excited to read these books to Claire.  

We chose and assembled a stroller/carseat combo!  Doesn't that sound like just the most adult thing one could possibly do?  I kind of agonized over the purchase, but after finding the Britax B-Agile & B-Safe on Target for an amazing price, we bit the bullet.  For the record, we would have chosen this one if money was no object, but we are just not $700 stroller people.  Although honestly, if those people exist, they are ridiculous.  

Eating a little bit healthier....I'll admit that I went through a phase for a couple weeks where I was soooo tired, so the easiest things to eat were things that required no work (i.e. mac and cheese, cereal, etc.)  This, of course, contributed to my being even MORE tired.  So I decided to get it together and start making more smoothies, less bowls of Lucky Charms, and lo and behold I am actually able to stay awake all day again.  

Darrell heralded his arrival home last Friday with "Burning Down the House" blasting from his windows, and then once the car turned off he finished it off whistling a few more rounds of the chorus.  I love how his cheerfulness just radiates sometimes (but especially on Fridays.)  
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